During the summer of 1961

United States Senator Russell Long purchased the beginning of what he called “paradise,” a tract of farmland along Baringer Foreman Road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

As his love for the property quickly grew, he purchased additional tracts, amassing more than 550 acres in a series of 10 separate transactions. He spent a considerable amount of his free time in the pool or relaxing with friends. It became his favorite place to unwind, and eventually, he made it his Louisiana residence. 

237 acres of Russell Long’s “paradise” has become Long Farm, and the legacy of fostering friendship and family continues, just as Long wanted. 

Over the years, Senator Long hosted many parties and family gatherings at the farm. The list of visitors to the property included virtually every governor, legislator, and other statewide elected official from 1961 through 1986 when Long retired from the senate. He often made calls from the phone by the pool, even one to President Lyndon Johnson to save Louisiana’s Fort Polk from closure.

Many wonderful memories were made through the years at the property. To this day, Russell Long’s family continues to enjoy the quiet pastures, walking and riding trails, serene water spots, and spectacular sunsets there.